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About Save Hospital:

The Save Hospitals A unit of Save Clinical and Health Care Services Private Limited is situated at H- No: 3-13/3, Mallikarjuna Nagar, Peerzadiguda, Opp Uppal Depot, Hyderabad. 50 – inpatient bed strength at present with various Super specialties. The hospital has a team of dedicated doctors, nurses, and other all trained professionals committed to the welfare of the patients. The management of the hospital would like to maintain constant high-quality Health care. Round the clock emergency, Intensive Care Unit, Pharmacy and Clinical Lab facilities are available.

The Save Hospital provides a wide range of facilities. Modern types of equipment in all disciplines of medicine have been provided. Specialized medical attention by combining judiciously medical expertise and modern equipment for the health care of the people is now available at a reasonable cost. The motto is to provide comprehensive medical services in the most congenial, friendly and reassuring environment, under one roof, to uphold that the patient is the important person within the hospital and his / her requirements shall be attended in every detail, to pursue continued medical camps to supplement the efforts to provide quality health services at a reasonable cost to economically poorer sections.

Facilities Offered (Department Wise) 1) General Medicine 2) General Surgery 3) Laparoscopy Surgery 4) Orthopaedic Surgery  5) ) Total Hip / Knee Replacement Surgery  6)Obstetrics and Gynecology 7)Pediatric Surgery 8)Neonatology 9)Neurology 10) Neuro – Surgery  11) Gastroenterology  12) Haematology 13) Urology  14) E.N.T. Surgery 15)Psychiatry  16)Plastic Surgery 17) Physiotherapy 18) NCV 19) Pathology 20)Micro Biology 21) Biochemistry 22)Radiology 23)Dermatology  24)Nephrology  25) Diabetology 26)Pulmonary Diseases 27) Computerised Laboratory & Pharmacy  28) 24 Hours Medical Service Round the clock in all the Specialties 29) Security System 30) X-Ray 31)Endoscopy 32)C-Arm  33) Echo color Doppler & Ultra Sound Scanning,34) Intensive care unit, 35)Post-Surgical ICU,  36) Well-Equipped operation theatres.  The Services towards conducting free Medical Health checkup campaigns, awareness/ educational camps. Reimbursement Recognized as approved Hospital for Government of Telangana Employees (EHS).

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